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Bianca Atwell
Bianca Atwell

Bianca Atwell

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to truly understand where you live…if you live in a city.The soles of the feet of human beings are designed to show the Earth the state of the organism living in every moment and all its magnitude, which is why the soles of your feet reflect the condition of your entire body. Just like the membranes within a cell can inform the rest of the body of its internal state, the soles of our feet can inform the Earth (our symbiotic selves) how we are doing and what we need to make it better. This information exchange is done through frequencies. Every organ in the body brings information to the soles of the feet in the form of wave vibrations. But the sole of the foot is also a receptor of the synchronized frequencies of the Earth. If you live in a city, it is possible that your feet never come in contact with the Earth. Because of this, there is a lack of information exchange. The Earth permanently synchronizes us with its natural cycles, but in order to receive them, we have to come in contact with it. The concrete in the cities isolate us from this vital information.Then there is the exchange of information throughout the pineal gland (situated in the most guarded zone of our brains, containing crystals of apatite, a magnet receptor mineral) the transmitter that connect us with the cavity of the Schumann Resonator (a cavity of waves that vibrate between 7.8 and 45 Hz, which are found between the Earth’s core and the Ionosphere).The waves stimulated by the rays of a thunderstorm, indicate our circadian rhythms, our sexual cycles, and our growth cycles. It is the Earth that tells our body which neurotransmitters to segregate and when. The Earth also tells us which hormones, amino acids, and proteins should fabricate our body. But in order for that to occur, we must begin to receive its synchronized frequencies. The Earth brings us to health, as its purpose is to maintain LIFE in its biosphere. The field of electromagnetic and radio waves in cities is completely contaminated by wireless communication antenna fumes, radio frequencies, and microwaves. Therefore, the largest numbers of diseases occur in urban areas.

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