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Section Earthmotions: Events and Activities.
Section Earthmotions: Events and Activities.

Section Earthmotions: Events and Activities.

WATER Element: Flow, Share and Feeling the changes

Supporting ideas and concepts that aim to maintain a friendly attitude for the atmosphere doesn’t necessarily involve being dirty, disorganized, reckless, lazy, dressing a certain way, avoiding showers, and waiting for the universe or another divine source to save us and take us to a better world. Living cautiously does not equal living in poverty.

The new modern ecologist is someone who pledges to take action and responsibility for the safety of their surroundings because of consciousness, not guilt. He works, enjoys the commodity of a home, bathing with hot water, a working toilet, moving and watering their lawn, washing their clothes in a washing machine , having heat, etc. The idea is to recreate ourselves as ecologists.

Every person sees the world in a different way. The  what and why depends on the individual. But we together we can build a vision of a better world and work to fulfill it. When you hear someone talking about being green or eco-friendly, consider them your ally, as they are people who share the same higher education about the planet at you do. The concept is to look beyond stereotypes and start rounding up everyone who has the same common goal, no matter who they are. There are people all over the world just like you and me that are taking action and trying to get the word out. We welcome you here so you can be informed, connected to yourself and your surroundings, with all of the new techniques, customs, activities, proposals, and suggestions, in a positive way, without having to isolate yourself or sacrificing your essential needs.

Welcome to a world where the planet has needs just like we do!

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