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Section: Greenland - Contents
Section: Greenland - Contents

Section: Greenland - Contents

EARTH ELEMENT: Seeding ideas

“Things do not change; we change.”

Henry David Thoreau

The more we learn, the more we evolve. Each one of us finds ourselves on our own journey of development in which our needs and motivations evolve as we grow. In most ancient cultures, the butterfly represents the state of metamorphosis. Contemporary science has proven that it is the only living being capable of undergoing a complete genetic transformation. The DNA structure of a caterpillar is entirely different from that of the butterfly that eventually emerges from inside it. This process has since become a symbol of change and transformation. So which is better, the caterpillar or the butterfly? The answer is: neither. Neither is better nor worse; they are simply different phases in the journey of evolution. And by phases, we are referring to ‘the stages or phases that form part of a process of development or transformation’. This same thing happens with the human species. Every one of us will find ourselves at an evolutionistic phase which is neither better nor worse than the rest of humanity.

Many of us remain stagnate in a certain phase of our discovery, without realizing our full potential, not to project an image, but rather as an attempt to understand the profound essence that is life and enjoy it. As we learn from our mistakes, we become the best version of ourselves. Like a caterpillar, we are destined to follow the natural process of evolution. We will realize that the knowledge acquired from our experiences is what helps us move along. Whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, we all progress at our own pace while following our individual paths.This evolutional process has nothing to do with physical age, but with psychological maturity. Oftentimes, individuals reach adulthood while still continuing to have the mental outlook of a child or an adolescent. At the same time, we see young people assuming the reigns of their own lives and taking responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming the world. The less we evolve the less self-aware we are and therefore the more egocentric and oblivious we become. Then, by default, the more we suffer, struggle, and become conflicted with others. On the contrary, the more we evolve, the more altruistic, responsible, wiser, and conscious we are. Therefore, the happier we are, and the higher the capacity we have to love and do things for others. This process is known as the ‘spiral of maturity.’ With a final goal of trying to find our place in this world, we begin an inner quest that opens up opportunities for the unknown. By resolving our emotional nuisances we can stop worrying about quantity and more about quality, which will inspire a longing to do things for others. Our motivation is to be useful. That way, we will realize that we aren’t important, but rather the things around us. Only then will we love what we do and do what we love. Let us walk together through this journey to find ourselves and grow as human beings.

“Don’t copy, create.”

Alejandro Jodorowsky

The world advances thanks to creators that are surrounded by millions of imitators. “We need to surpass the limitations that are put on creation…Family, society, and culture want you to keep repeating the past, but you have to be what you want to be and not what others want you to be. That is the key to respect within one another. In a universe that dances, leap out of routine. One who does not move forward, moves back.” - AJ
Creation is the tangible result of what is extracted from your mind, soul, instinct, and inspiration. It is a part of your being, the part of you that is not seen but felt. If we are not in tune with that part of our being, and we don’t let it flow into its journey of becoming something real, creation turns into pain and disappointment. Approximately 90% of ideas die off and never see the light of day because our own minds prevent them from emerging. It is quite difficult for ideas to develop and mature when we resist them for fear of being judged or ridiculed. Most times they are dreams that excite us and awaken something magical within us to remind us that there is a part of us that needs to be revealed and exposed in order to feel evolved.
Why is it so important to create nowadays? Because creating drowns out the dizziness in our minds and allows us to connect with a part of ourselves that we normally wouldn’t pay attention to amidst the stress of accelerated everyday life. We get so overwhelmed by the little voices in our heads that are constantly talking, demanding, blaming, looking for attention, etc., that we feel the dire need to escape our thoughts and get away from those voices and the pressure they put us in. We are all a bit crazy, it seems, or at the very least way too disconnected to ourselves and what we really want, feel, or dream. The pressure and the outlook on life that is instilled in us from childhood begins to wear us down and creates chaos inside us. It’s no surprise we are constantly surrounded by addiction, obsession, violence, or indifference. We are sedated, too far from the inner monologue that instead of demanding, guides us and provides us with the wisdom we need. Deepak Chopra said, “The heart is an organ that thinks and feels.” We can gather then, that it is the heart that can guide us and make the complicated seem more clear.

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