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About Us

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We are a group of people committed to spreading information and tools that bring us closer to a way of integrating life into new areas that are more natural, balanced and in communion with the advances in technology and science. The planet Earth is a living being that self- regulates and is able to absorb the changes it receives. But by executing friendly behavior towards the way we treat our home- EARTH- we can help. The human race has yet to realize the negative impact that many of its habits and customs affect their environment. But it has enough potential and wisdom necessary to alter these habits.

"Earth leads us to health, as its purpose is to maintain life within the biosphere. This wonderful being of 4,500 million years, is wise enough to keep us secure within space. The universe is an unthinkable place for a human; however, Earth- born as an incandescent rock- has managed to mature from a magnetic core to a protective magnetosphere, in an evolution of layers whose function is to protect its own life and all the species that inhabit it: including humans.”

Bianca Atwell

A disciplined lifestyle and more nature-friendly ecosystem contribute to healthier environments and are worthy developments on biodiversity. We need to reevaluate the way we live and consume. If we do it more effectively, we will without a doubt contribute to the whole.

The proposal is: enlighten ourselves, learn, and become aware of what we can do just as well or better in order to make our own contribution to the community. By becoming aware of alternatives we will be able to access consumer items, mechanisms, and techniques, to fulfill our duty- our duty which states that everyone, as a generation that is now inhabiting and enjoying all that is generously given to us, must participate in collaboration and healing. For an effective and sustainable change, we must understand the power that everyone has when they make a decision and act.

It’s time to act.

Man by nature is a generous being, and its essence is love- positive energy that connects and shifts. But it has distanced itself from contact with the wisdom that nature and the planet provide in order to bring balance to its existence as a species. We must promote care and respect, solidarity and kinship, so we can put aside the competition and the feeling of separation from the rest of the planet. It’s time to reevaluate ourselves. What we propose is a focus on creating and seeding to each other the idea of a new standard so we can bond with the land and evolve into a new being that is more aware of the environment. We are one with the planet. We have to understand how much everything we do affects it. If we hurt it, we hurt ourselves. If we disrespect it, we disrespect ourselves. Changing ourselves changes our surroundings.  It’s time to make a commitment and to assume our duties.

Join us, and we can help.

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